Well hello all my followers!

I need to tell you that I’m gonna change my tumblr account, so as you can see, I’ve been changed this url. So, my new account is the same as the old one was, so here’s my new account:


You can follow me if you still want to follow :)

penguins, do you want to tell me something about this game - what kind of shit is this


“ur team sucks lol”


i’m watching my at least one year old posts
this feeling of embarrassing

I will be at Bridgehead Coffee This Thursday 2 pm


I will be at Bridgehead Coffee 130 Anderson street in little Italy Ottawa this Thursday at 2pm for an event supporting the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club. Bridgehead is presenting a cheque from the EK #65 bridgehead coffee blend fundraiser to the Boys and Girls Club. All are welcome, if you can make it, no skipping class, I would be glad to meet you, take a picture, sign something. Let me know you are a Tumblr friend. There will be some EK #65 roasted up for the final time.

i have nothing to do so i think about stupid things like this one:

what if teuvo comes between johnny’s and patrick’s bromance

i think that could be the end of the world or at least a disaster.

you don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone


“It’s important to me,” Seguin said of a sleeve tattoo that weaves elements of his mom, dad, two sisters and the Seguin family crest all into an image of a tree. “It reminds me every day of the things that are important to me. It’s a part of me. I haven’t really been home since I was 15, so it’s nice to carry with this with me every day.” [x]


thank you

I love you all ♥ :3